Lilac; innovation in the paint industry
Lilac Paint industry was founded in 1362 which further developed as RANGIN YASE KABOOD and since then is active in the field of construction and industrial coatings. The products are commercially named as Himma, Sam and Ladan. Currently, Lilac is on the market by incorporating the innovations of nanotechnology and polymer industry in its products as well as registering several patents in this field.
The company has all the required licenses legislated by the Ministry of Industry. It has the ISO standard and is also a member of paint manufacturers. In order to fulfill the target of resistance economy in our beloved country, the company is relying on the modern technology to improve the quality, increase the customer satisfaction and make the final product cost effective.
Unique products of the company include nano-enabled polymer insulators, oily industrial coating, epoxy, polyurethane, solvent-based primers, water and acrylic-based paints, thermoplastic paints and other derivatives which are moisture-resistant, washable, antibacterial and algae-busting as well as being corrosion-resistant with antistatic properties. These products have also high molecular viscosity and elasticity, their implementation is easy and they can be dried rapidly. Moreover, all of the products are available in the form of colorless or colored types.
We guaranty the durability and cost effectiveness of our products.

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